On this page, a non-exhaustive list of the projects I have contributed in or developed.

Some are very small piece of software but can be usefull.

You also can find me:

Spectral Renderers


I am contributing in the development of MRF, Malia Rendering Framework, a GPU accelerated spectral renderer.

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I joined the long time running development of ART, The Advanced Rendering Toolkit, initially developed by Robert f. Tobler, currently maintained by Alexander Wilkie during my year in Czech Republic.

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BRDF showcase

Spectral Viewer

I am participating in the development of an open source spectral image viewer that supports several images formats: ENVI, ART Raw (spectral), OpenEXR, PNG, JPEG…

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OpenEXR tools

OpenEXR Viewer

A simple tool I wrote to show detailed information about OpenEXR files. It is yet in a preliminary state.

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OpenEXR Thumbnailer (Linux)

Display thumbnails / preview of your OpenEXR files in your file manager:

Install on Ubuntu:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:alban-f/openexr-thumbnailer
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt install openexr-thumbnailer

OpenEXR gThumb extension

gThumb extension to support display of OpenEXR format:

Install on Arch Linux:

yay -Sy
yay -S gthumb-openexr-extension